Looking for the right barber can be tricky, but it’s important to find someone with precision-like technique, together with an easy-going personality you can gel with.

Check out the tips below on how to pick the right barber:

1. He’s a talker — A good cut should never be rushed. Make sure you find someone who takes the time to ask you what you like and dislike. He should also be willing to impart his years of hair-cutting wisdom on you, and make the right adjustments, ensuring you leave the barbershop feeling like a new man.

2. He’s got great craft — A master barber should have flexible technique. A blend of different skill sets, for different hair types. Whether you’re looking for a crisp fade or a soft natural finish, a well-trained barber will leave you sporting a refined look with a high-level finish.

3. He’s obsessed with details — When it come to the perfect haircut, the devil’s in the details. Every fade precise, every snip measured, every shave inch-perfect. Your barber has to be meticulous and well-measured from the first snip to the last shave.