Fine hair is your enemy. Conquer the flat and lifeless with the right tips and tricks, and leave the house with voluminous hair you’d be proud of.

Check out the tips below on how to add more volume to your hair:

1. Retire the toothy comb — It’s about time you retire the comb. Over-combing tends to make thin hair look limp and flat. Thicken your hair and add volume by styling with your fingers instead, that’s where the magic’s at.

2. Wind in your hair — Your hair might be tough, but if you’re blow-drying it every day on the hottest setting, it’s going to get damaged. Keep the setting relatively cool when you’re drying it, and only turn up the heat when you’re shaping.

3. Pick the right product — Don’t go overboard with the amount of wax or gel. Instead, use a pea-sized amount of matte wax to instantly give it a thicker and fuller look. Remember, use the right amount to keep it looking natural and healthy.