The Classic Pompadour

Roll back the years with the classic pomp, an iconic style that will never go out of fashion. A versatile look for those looking to dress dapper or more stylishly, dress down.

The out of bed look

The Out-Of-Bed-Look

Get maximum style, with minimum effort. Rock the laidback look with confidence, and truly own the #WokeUpLikeThis look.

Anti gravity spikes

Anti-Gravity Spikes

Defy the laws of gravity. Turn heads. Raise eyebrows. Spike and shape with ease. A rebel-inspired look that’s a head-turner for sure.

Air bounce gloss

Air Bounce Gloss

The Air Bounce Gloss, a hairstyle that gets all the attention, without having to seek for it. Style it upwards with ease and give your hair the bounce it deserves.

Effortless grunge

Effortless Grunge

Ah, the Effortless Grunge, a crowd favourite. A sculpted style with a rugged edge., Shape and style with ease when you’re backstage. Rock it when you’re on-stage and hey, even when you step off.